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Exercise while sitting

Exercise while you sit.
Large number of people a lot of time spent in a sitting position, especially on computers at home or even more if they work tied to a chair and a desk

Crawling, indexing large numbers of people a lot of time spent in a sitting position, especially on computers at home or even more if they work tied to a chair and work desk. All day sitting at a computer might not be good for your body and can cause pain back due to bad posture.
Proper seating
this to avoid your back to the right, laid back shoulder and the top of your monitor should be at the height of your eyes. Note that the joints do not lie on keyboard or on the surface of the mouse. Keep your legs bent at the knees so that your knees are only slightly elevated from your hips.
Razgibavajte shoulders forward / reverse about 10 times. This will help to relieve tension in the shoulders. Good stretching the arms and shoulders and includes to put your hand on the end table so that the distance from your body to be about shoulder-width apart. Place the hand so that they are facing your body, bend forward and your shoulders zgrbite. Pedal articles regularly. As you do with the joints, in a clockwise direction three times and also the opposite direction three times.
Please note if you are a permanent hunch over the keyboard. In order to prevent spread your arms as you want to hug someone, rotate your wrists out - thumbs go up and down - and slide the shoulder. This stretching your body moves in the opposite direction than when the hunch, and you should feel a good stretch across your upper chest
Stand up every half hour and walk around a bit . This will maintain a constant blood circulation in hands and feet and prevent any tension in them. In addition to your feet and will provide the heart of good practice, youll also be able to breathe some fresh air.
Relax your eyes by watching the computer monitor. Every 30 minutes look away from the computer screen and go over view of the room in which you work
Keep a bottle of water next to you and get used to drink a bit every half hour. If you consistently do this, you will be much more alive. Stand up and do water coolers to refill a glass or carafe, so you can walk around the same time feet.

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