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Exercise in pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is special and important period in the life of every woman

Pregnancy is special and important period in the life of every woman. If you are pregnant you should change your lifestyle, which means that you go to the doctor regularly to review, change your diet and to book online or as many informed as to what awaits you.
But do not forget to exercise. This is definitely what you recommend in pregnancy. Exercise will keep good health, pripremititi for childbirth and feel better.
When it comes to good health, that we mean that you will if you practice your heart work better, you will not get the excess pounds, youll have better posture, and exercise can affect your psyche, so it is very likely that you will be inclined and relaxed.
course exercise will serve as preparation for childbirth. Exercise will help strengthen the muscles and get the power you will certainly be needed in childbirth and when it comes to labor. What is for sure that your delivery will be easier if you practice.
Before you start with exercises is recommended that you consult with your doctor that you keep your pregnancy. This should be done because it is necessary that He may give you verbal confirmation that you can practice. If your pregnancy is risky, be sure that you can not work out, but it is best to at rest. pregnancy at risk is when a pregnant woman has some health s problems, such as for example diabetes, chronic hypertension or any heart disease, swelling of hands or feet, if any bleeding during pregnancy or if there was a previous abortion. In these cases you will likely prohibit practicing physician, or will you suggest that specific exercises may not work.
before training you should put on comfortable clothes, does not mean something that will tighten and you should always work out on a flat surface. During the exercise you need to drink plenty of of water and eat before the workout that you do not get sick.
As for the exercises you can recommend that the morning when you wake up, stretch.
In this way you will be awake while you reduce the tension in your muscles and increase any elasticity. you can stretch it to the tv, and music at any time of day, you and a few times a day, just whenever you feel that you enjoyed it. stretch can be seated, standing or lying down. raised his hands, bend your legs at the knees , everything you think you could, it is not difficult.
pretarate careful not to because you do not have to be hard and tedious. Pay attention to the fact that you breathe properly during exercise, or to synchronize with the breathing exercises, you know when to inhale and exhale when you vazuh.
What you should know is that you should avoid exercises that force the abdominal muscles such as abdominals, for example, or push-ups and stretching exercises with too much structure. also avoid and sports in which you can be injured, especially those where you can fall. These include skiing or riding. Diving is also not recommended in pregnancy, as well as running or jumping.
Walk is definitely recommended, so that should have as much to walk.
And do not forget that if you feel tired, you lose your breath or sweating more than usual, its a sign that you have gone too far. If you feel some pain or start bleeding immediately stop training and consult a physician . So when you exercise always keep in mind that your health is still the most important of all.

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