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How to gain weight

How to gain weight.
If you are one of the most obese people, then surely you do not understand those who have the problem of lack of weight or those who want to ugoje

If you are one of the most obese people, then surely you do not understand those who have the problem of lack of weight or those who want to be breeding. But know that there are such people.
They want to first place to look beautiful and to feel better.
Maybe you did not know but skinny people can have health problems and obesity. They generally have a weak immune system, and are often sick because their body is hard to fight diseases . Thin people can have a blood test and worse, it is often malokrvni. For these reasons and against the thinness to fight. There are several things you can do to be gained weight. Well here they are:
How to gain weight?

1 Forget about the products on commercials that promises to increase weight and take matters into their own hands.
First, change your current diet. Eat foods rich in calories. This is the such as pasta, potatoes, especially fried, white rice and bread. Maybe you did not know large portions of fried fries contains about 570 calories even. meat we should eat as chicken, and pork and other species. Milk and milk products may become an essential part of your diet. a hope and almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios full of calories. taking at least one teaspoon of honey should become your daily habit. You can eat chocolate and sweets but in moderation, do not overreact.
second Give up your bad habits. Leave cigarettes because they contain nicotine and reduce the amount of coffee because it contains caffeine, a compound of the two accelerates the metabolism, and its not good if you want to be breeding.
3 Do not skip any meals, especially breakfast!
4 Go to the gym and start exercising at home. This could be of use to you. But there is no need to do strenuous exercise or exhausts.
5 Stress can be great enemy, that may hinder you in what you intended and that is weight loss. So make sure to control themselves and avoid these stressful situations.
Maybe you did not know but the amount of calories per day should be entered from 2000 to present to 2500 daily. And if you want to ugojite to enter approximately 500 to 1000 calories, which means about 3500.
Do not be disappointed if the results are not vidiljivi first few days, because it is not possible. For a few weight should be 3 to 4 weeks, that is one month or even two. So be persistent and istrajte a long time, if necessary, and it will certainly pay off. You will get the weight and it will certainly be noticed, and most importantly you will be satisfied themselves.

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