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TaiChi exercises

Tai-Chi exercises.
If you want to relax your body and spirit in these cold winter days and strestnim one of the solutions offered, and most fitness centers is that Tai-Chi technique

If you want to relax your body and spirit in these cold winter days and strestnim one of the solutions offered, and most fitness centers is that Tai-Chi technique.
These exercises have a beneficial impact on health and the regular exercise is primarily mood practitioner and flow of energy in the body. also responsible for improving the flow of body fluids and lymph, and are especially recommended for people who should strengthen zgobove, tendons and muscles. Susitna In these exercises are not difficult to perform a much help.
Often referred to as meditation in motion as it is believed that tai chi improves the quality of life for people with heart failure. no great physical effort tai chi exercises will strengthen your bodys defense forces but also prevenitvno act to prevent the disease. If you elect to have contacted a disease, instructors and numerous researchers claim that tai chi exercises to stop the deterioration Dravlje and perhaps to cure certain diseases.
ancient Chinese way to practice tai-chi points out that this sportksa activities simple combination of slow motion. What you are gentle, but requires full concentration and act on all levels that affect the body Niva, the energy level and the level of consciousness.
1 Physiological effects Tai Chi exercises relevant to all organs and systems organs in the body ljudksom
2 Energetic effects of these practices or to the establishment of harmony, on balancing the flow of life energy
third meditative activity that helps practitioners vlastitiu reflection of nature and life through meditation in motion
Effects of Tai has a practice whose first
These exercises regulate blood pressure
2 practicing tai which increases resporatorni-vital capacity, and most importantly without cardiovascular stress
3 of this exercise increases exercise capacity
4 porats affect the power of mobility and durability
fifth release from the stress of the sedative effect on the entire nervous system
6 enhance brain function
7th eliminate insomnia and improve sleep, providing a deeper relaxation
8th telenso Improve posture and strengthen the spine, eliminating the existing back problems
9 Reduce uzmirenost eliminating negative emotions Reduce stress
10th 11th
are excellent with coronary artery disease
addition to good effect on health these exercises are also used as a martial art, or as Forms of self-defense. equipment in which the exercise is loose and comfortable clothing, and it is important to have shoes with flat soles. So, to practice tai serve you with the most ordinary suit and sneakers.

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