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How to start running

How to start running.
Running is one of najefektnijh sports activities, but also najjfetnijih

Running is one of najefektnijh sports activities, but also najjfetnijih. To run without having to pay the instructors, the space it is essential that you have udbonu clothes, good shoes and a bottle of water idobru will and for a very short period desired results .
right time to go to run is just the beginning of the year or the coming of spring. course before you decide that running is a part of your everyday life it is important to know the possible risks such as injury and inflammation of muscles, if you were not active during the winter .
Basic tips about running
If you decide to go to run, do not act rashly, as much as you seemed to have a lot of power. slowly and gradually start to run in order to reduce potential risks. This is particularly important for men, because there is often a severe inflammation of the muscles. In women, mostly fractures occur because women are less bone density than the bones of men. Also, while the men themselves enough to run for women are recommended to run it with a friend or to run in groups in order to stay motivated.
Combining running and walking
Once you start running, it is important to combine running with walking, especially if youve been inactive for a long time and this will make your body experienced as a form of stretsa as much as you and he will go down well. So run up to ten seconds and then walk the one minute. With this combination, or the method of running and walking a little longer to boost muscle strength and strengthen your joints and avoid the risk of injury and inflammation of muscles.
To achieve the desired results and were fit by the summer you do not have to run every day. Just for this type of activity izdvoijte time up to three times a week and arrange nicely with their obligations. Therefore, it is important that you also have time to rest.
Nutrition and run
course, if you decide to run, you must eat properly and to withstand the physical strain. First akcienat was placed on the introduction of adequate amounts of fluid in the body stay where physical effort. About eight times dnvno it is important to drink a glass of soft drink. be sure and have a snack, a recommended lower sladka meal about half an hour before running to get the energy.

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