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How to speed up metabolism

How to speed up metabolism.
Slow metabolism is the problem for many people, and that is why they can not lose weight

slow metabolism is the problem for many people, and that is why they can not lose weight. This is a consequence of having a slow metabolism contributes to the deposition of fat. While people who have a fast metabolism can eat enough food to rich in fats and carbohydrates, and yet not gain weight.
One of the factors that may affect the metabolism is age. This is about how to metablozim slows down approximately 5% every 10 years.
Another factor of which depends on the metabolism of sex. It has been shown that women burn fewer calories than men the same age.
muscularity may affect the metabolism. In fact, people who have larger muscles have a higher metabolic rate.
thyroid gland may also affect metabolism or slow it down.
Now that we have pointed out the causes, that is, factors that affect metabolism, we can give you some tips on how you can speed up if you have problems with it.
important is the quality , proper nutrition.
important rule to follow if you want to speed up your metabolism is that you should have 5 to 6 meals a day. So you can not eat just one or two times more frequently than the lower. Breakfast means you can not skip. Among the three main meals you have to have a snack when you eat a sandwich, for example, or just drink a cup of yogurt. Also you can eat a piece of fruit. Apple or grapefruit are low calorie and definitely recommend them to you.
food that you can still accelerate metabloizam are foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and that the fish like tuna and salmon, for example.
If you want to speed up metabolism and encourage you to eat oat cereal and bread whole grain cereals as this may affect the metabolism.
According to some research, and spices like red chili peppers, chili, ginger and black pepper, or strong spices can speed up your metabolism as much as 25%. it can also contribute to fish oil, olive oil and flax seed oil, so it is good to introduce them to the diet.
addition to food, you want to get enough water in the body. best thing to do to be a 2-liter can and more. This will certainly speed up your metabolism.
alcohol you should not and eat sweets. If you can not get them to give up some to be only occasionally, not daily.
Green tea also speeds up metabolism. Hence comes the loss of calorie burning and weight loss.
To speed up metabolism it is very important, and exercise. We recommend that you do cardio exercises. These are exercises which speeds up the heart and pulse over 120 beats per minute. This includes the aerobics, swimming, jumping rope, cycling or running the best. These exercises should perform three times a week.
Exercise will definitely speed up the metabolism and is certainly much better option than sitting watching TV, when it certainly slowed metabolism.
Try to relax. When we say we think you should not be exposed to stress. It is not good for your body, especially the metabolism. So when you find yourself in a bad situation, try to relax because otherwise and, your metabolism will slow and you have put on weight.
Just keep trying and if to comply with any of our above advice you will speed up your metabolism, so youll look better and feel better.

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