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Pain in the back

Pain in the back.
Pain in the spine and the back is a big problem that is not visiting any younger or older people

pain in the spine and the back is a big problem that is not visiting any younger or older people. If the youth sometimes feel these symptoms, the risk is great that in later years sitaucija be much worse and bring you many problems. Pain in the spine are due to the many unusual attitudes or drafts. Here are some tips for the benefit of the spine and neck.
exercises for pain in his back
Circle shoulders - a very simple exercise. first sitting. Circle shoulders forward and back in 10 occasions. Circle slow and relaxed. This exercise will relax the arms, trunk and lower extremities.
Surf the head - even while sitting, head in circle 10 times, tightening the neck left and right, while the head is in the correct position and the neck is moving upward. This exercise and strengthen neck region of the spine and muscles that work.
deviate head - in a sitting position, move your head right and left, very slowly, repeat 10 times. During training, the shoulders should be to be toned down, and back in an upright position. will strengthen the side of the neck.
Take a bow - when you sit down, place your hands at your side, while your back is tight. bowed forward and recapture the original position. Repeat 12 times. We will strengthen the back muscles.
duck - possess the correct attitude. It is important that the spine is the most correct possible position. Then hands touch the floor. Repeat 15 times. This exercise will help strengthen the spine, and is also good for the lower extremities.
Try to sit as little as possible. If you deal on furniture and computer, you may want to be in your free time as you do more recreational activities, the best swimming. Cycling is not a solution to a problem with my spine.

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