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Yoga basic positions


Yoga is an effective form of meditation that focuses on training the body and soul as an individual. Because the emphasis is always on balance, coordination and relaxation. Yoga is a form of exercise that brings many benefits and can be at the same time interesting and easy Even beginners of all ages. It is believed that yoga
Standing poses
postures where standing offer several benefijija - eliminate tension, pain, improve digestion, circulation and respiration. also. stimulate the mind and body, build confidence, strength and will.
most basic poses is Mountain Pose. It also marks the beginning and end of all the standing poses. Jednstavno stand with arms relaxed beside the body, the feet may be to each other, fingers pointing in the direction in which you look. Shoulders should be relaxed and the chin parallel to the floor. With his weight, which is transmitted jednko on foot to the rhythm of breathing exercise.
The Half Moon is the second standing pose in which hands are still hanging on the side of a shoulder-width foot. Breathe , raise your arms above your head and Twist the fingers. Exhale, bend your hips to the right. Since exhale and stretch the arms above the head again, repeat the movement of the hips to the left. This is a great movement that stretches the sides of the body and gently massage the liver and spleen. Sitting postures
postures in which they usually sit idle pose, relax nerves, poses related fatigue. One also is usual for blood pressure regulation and the regulation of sleep. One of the most basic poses is Easy Pose - easy pose -. Sit with your feet - Turkish sed -. Let your feet to rest on the floor and knees and hands. head and back should be in an upright position, chin parallel to the floor and the neck slightly bent forward. Breathe in rhythm . This position is considered the best posture for meditation and breathing exercises.
Butterfly pose - Butterfly pose - the other seated poses. sit with your feet touching and knees are as close as negative background. legs should be relaxed and your back in an upright position without bending. Keep connected by the hands and feet a little to attract them towards you with a low knee lift. Then relax the muscles of the groin allowing your knees to touch the floor.
sloping positions
These postures are performed when lying down on the back but relaxed when they perform in the sitting poses. It is used mainly at the end of exercise to cool down and rebuild the body. To perform supine Stretch Pose - Poses stretch - lie on your back with legs stretched a hand set with the body . Inhale and exhale three times, slowly. On the next breath move your hands above your head so that your palms touching the floor. After each arm strength back to the starting position.
Corpse Pose - still poses - is performed by lying on your back, but with legs apart so that they completely relax. Then move the arm at a distance of half a meter from the body and the palms may be facing up. Turn your head left - right shoulder and then scroll down. Dozvlite to your whole body to relax for a minute. This pose is good for relaxing the entire body and nervous system.

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