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Pilates Exercise

Pilates exercise.
Pilates is a form of exercise that engages the bodys own resistance to develop muscles and posture

Pilates is a form of exercise that engages the bodys own resistance to develop muscles and posture. Use temporary basis with the movements, breathing and slow repetitions to focus attention on specific muscles. If youre new to Pilates will understand that the basic things that facilitate the execution of Pilates exercises for maintaining a certain form, posture and spine patient.
Neutral spine
Many Pilates exercises are based with the woman how to find a balance with the body. They will help you find your neutral spine position and this is as follows - lezire on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. your knees, hips and spine should be in one plane. Breathe deeply and try to give you the chest is raised. Kontrahirajte your abdominal muscles until your lower back is not very close to the floor but do not touch it. Continue to breathe deeply in this position for 30 seconds to find the neutral position of the spine.
Own supporting
When you maintain adequate force form their own support each of the Pilates exercises will further develop the muscles and keeping them without undue stress. Self supporting means to bend the knee to support the spine while your head is resting on the floor to avoid trauma to the neck during exercise, and head down and squeeze the abdominal muscles to help the lower back. breathing helps the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, especially in skeletal muscles because they are aimed pilates exercises. As you progress you will feel that these minor actions reinforce your posture.
Patience and rhythm
for Beginners Pilates can be a difficulty to learn and retain many poses. remain patient as you run them with ease during the repetition. One item that also helps you to master the rhythm. many things in Pilates-based oblku but also because the rhythm Many in exercise routines are designed so that you easily switch from one exercise to another. It is best to start with the most basic Pilates positions such as 100 or One Leg Circle. Breathe evenly to keep pace. If you are in a group or Rønning perform yourself at home breathing carefully follow the instructor as well as its demonstration.

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