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Pilates exercises for men

Pilates exercises for men.
Colukupni Pilates engages the middle part of the body known as the nucleus

colukupni Pilates engages the middle part of the body known as the nucleus. If you have a core or core body jakoto will not only eliminate the amount of fat from the stomach but will strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles to help reduce the risk of injury .
is usually associated with women as an efficient way to lose body fat and men can benefit from Pilates due to the fact that it increases flexibility, losing weight and durability. Consult with a physiotherapist before you start Pilates especially if you recently had injury of the upper body muscle and skeletal injuries.
one foot raised - This exercise engages the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles in order to increase flexibility and strength. To perform this Pilates exercise make sure that the room is empty or no matter which could disturb you. not Lie back with your arms at sides, palms face the ground. Slowly lift them off the floor right leg in the air taking care not to bend the knees. Bring it as close to his chest and that you can not bend. Make an angle of 90 degrees between the legs and torso. Slowly lower leg to the floor but make sure it does not quite touching. Repeat the movement 30 times before changing legs where once again, perform the exercise 30 times.
initial and advanced hand-waving - This Pilates movement can be adjusted so that it is for beginners and advanced students of Pilates. This exercise strengthens the core muscles and lower body.
Advanced - scroll down to the floor in the position to perform sit-ups. Keep your upper body be lifted from the ground and slowly raise both legs off the floor toward the ceiling until they form an angle of 45 degrees with the body. Make sure your legs are not bent. Raise your body for about 15 to 20 cm and arms only slightly, to a centimeter or lift the floor of the two. Wave your hands up and down 10 to 12 cm on both sides without letting them touch the floor. When you perform the exercise 30 times to rest for 1 minute. Try to run more jdan set of 30 repetitions.
initial - moves for beginners are similar to the advanced practitioner but instead lift the leg and the fact that they must be true, but the rise was bending allowed to eliminate the tension of the lower back. If this is too difficult, bend your legs at the knees and lower feet on the floor. Then lift the upper body and arms perform the same movements as well as advanced, the same number of reps.

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