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Practicing yoga during pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy.
Yoga is the only sport that they can practice and pregnant women

Yoga is the only sport that they can practice and pregnant women. Incorporating physical exercises, breathing and relaxation is the ideal activity among pregnant women.
This type of sport was created by some yoga trainees have got pregnant and wanted to continue with the yoga classes because they realized that they would for an easier and safer childbirth need razgibanije body and calm mind. Yoga is highly recommended in winter months, when the reduced physical activities designed for any type, and even walking.
Practicing yoga during pregnancy involves carrying positions that are especially adapted for the expectant mothers, as well as breathing exercises and relaxation which leads to multiple positive effects to both the pregnant woman and the fetus. not work out the uterus or pressing too much strain on your abdominal muscles, or tight twisting and bending backwards.
When to start?
Yoga Instructors recommend to rest up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Only after the age of three months you can start with exercise, of course, with prior approval of the gynecologist. also not advisable to start exercising after the age of seven months - 28 weeks - pregnancy.
few yoga centers and yoga teacher yoga exercises are classified by quarter of pregnancy. However, the criteria for certain positions and exercises vary greatly depending on the general Flexibility, health status and previous Yoga experience of pregnant women, therefore it is impossible yoga exercises and postures strictly divided by quarter. We decided to give general instructions to access the practice by quarter, and a series of positions and exercises suitable and / or all periods adjusted to your particular situation.
First Quarter
Pregnant women in this period allowed to do all the basic exercises, but to listen to your body and recognize when to stop and rest. For example relaxation Savasana can be done on the back until you feel no discomfort because In this position the pressure to make a large blood vessel that carries blood from the uterus to the heart - vena cava -.
Second Quarter:
In this period you are likely to soften the joints and ligamneti hormones secreted by the uterus in preparation for the body delivery, to avoid injuries and sprains. should therefore be in a standing position hold on to a wall or a chair and work for the replacement of certain positions, like lying down instead of sitting and the like. They no longer work placements in the stomach and abdominal muscles do not stress over needed.
Third Quarter: The
poslednnjim months of pregnancy, a pregnant woman is constantly aware of the presence of babies, mainly due to space in her body. Uparvo uadatak then yoga is that space is open and makes it more place for the baby. Because instructors introduce additional breathing techniques and extend the rest periods, with particular attention to joints and maintaining balance. increasingly being used as a breathing technique aimed at better oxygen supply to organs, which also means more oxygen for the baby. Special attention was given breathing exercises to be used in pregnant women during childbirth.
Practice, including practicing yoga is not recommended for women who carry more than one fetus or the so-called. risk pregnancies.

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