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The benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates.
Pilates is a system of exercises that work out your body and positively affects your mental system

Pilates is a system of exercises that work out your body and positively affects your mental system.
It consists of a mixture of exercise, or series of connected movements that recruit muscle groups, especially the central part of the body and to the back, abdomen and pelvis. format also Pilates and abdominal muscles, you strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders and legs and buttocks.
Signs Pilates no muscle group is not engaged, but not too much neglected, resulting in a steady and healthy development of the body.
Pilates recommended for all age groups, mean women, pregnant women and even men as it is beneficial to all.
Pilates can be shaped according to individual needs of anyone who wants to go to it.
pregnancy are some Pilates exercises, but even recommended should not exaggerate too much from your workouts to stretch.
key to success or poztizanja better results in Pilates is not to do as much exercise, but to do quality-driven exercises, those that are useful in several series of repeating. form a Time muscle and not get the weight or volume.
addition to building muscles in Pilates is very important to stretch, to what your body become more flexible.
Another of the strengths of Pilates is that it reduces stress, eliminates tension and increases energy. When you are mentally focused on your body, it calms the mind.
Breathing is very important during exercise because it helps us to endure the strain and controlled movements.
should be to concentrate on breathing through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Proper breathing contributes to the removal of stress.
Pilates can eliminate pain in my back and joints, which become pokreljiviji and poboljasava and circulation as working out and stretching the blood stream faster than usual through the body.
It is possible that you will regular exercise combined with proper diet to lose weight, although this is not the first place with Pilates. According to some opinions, the rapid movements of the metabolites and thus speeds up the pounds off.
It is advisable to go Pilates trainings 2 to 4 times a week, and days when youre not going to pilates you can walk, bike, swim or go to yoga.
Pilates increases strength and flexibility of the body, and his agility and flexibility. You will also shape your body, strengthen it, and at the same time feel great if you regularly go to the trainings, which is why you and definitely recommend it.

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