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Feeding blood group 0

Feeding blood group 0.
Blood group 0 is characterized by the absence of protein aglutinogena A and B

blood group 0 is characterized by the absence of protein aglutinogena A and B. The oldest blood type. She was the first blood type, which our ancestors had hunter - gatherers who lived around 000 BC 50th
Feeding blood group 0 : Holders
0 blood groups have over-active immune system, digestive system durable, good protection against infection, a lot of stomach acid, which allows the meat to get the most nutrients and are able to process large amounts of protein in daily meals. organism is not adaptable to changing diet and is prone to coagulation disorders, allergies, ulcers, inflammatory diseases, reduced thyroid function and inflammation in the joints.
is represented High protein foods low in carbohydrates.
main meal of the holder of the blood group 0 is the meat and fish. Since the meat does not match the body bacon and ham. Fish represented in the isharni oily fish, cod, hake, salmon, sardines, pike, and undesirable to eat octopus, triterpanes, caviar and oysters. It is advisable to eat seaweed .
Dairy products should be avoided, and in smaller quantities to eat feta cheese, butter, goat cheese and soy products.
grains and legumes reduced to a minimum, because slow exchange processes in the body leading to obesity. Avoid Brazil nuts and pistachios.
Fruits and vegetables and consume fish as often as possible to avoid excessive increases acids in the body. of fruit body does not match the coconut, oranges, blackberries, strawberries, tangerines, and most should be consumed dried plums and Figs. Vegetables that are not recommended: potatoes, avocado, cauliflower, beans, eggplant, shiitake, sprouts. Cabbage should not be consumed because it affects the thyroid and corn that affect insulin.
olive and flaxseed oil daily use.
Avoid cereals, pasta, rice, mustard, corn oil, citrus.
supplements: vitamins B and K, calcium, iodine, licorice root.
It is advisable to practice intense physical exercise such as aerobics, martial arts, running, tennis.
chances of suffering from ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat in disagreement with your blood type.

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