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Nutrition AB blood groups

Nutrition AB blood group.
Blood type AB is characterized by the presence of both proteins aglutinogena aglutinogena A and B

Blood type AB is characterized by the presence of both proteins aglutinogena aglutinogena A and B - antigen A and B -. This blood type is the most recently evolved and is just a first 000 years. Biology is the most complex and it has about 5% people on the planet.
People with AB blood type have a sensitive digestive system, are subject to infections and have the negative characteristics of A and B blood groups. out are heart disease, anemia and cancer.
Diet Blood Type AB:
The combined isharni allowed food for A and B group.
Meat is necessary for the holders of AB blood group and consumed as small meals. It is best to eat lamb, mutton, turkey and rabbit, and avoid pork, beef, chicken meat and bacon.
basic proteins, however, intakes of seafood, fish and tofu. Since fish is very helpful to eat tuna, hake, mackerel, pike, sardines, trout and squid, but in small quantities. The body does not match the fish list, octopus, crabs, eels, mussels, shrimp.
Dairy products improve the reproduction of insulin. not allowed to eat only cheese, whole milk and milk ice cream.
from fats use olive oil. Instead of macaroni is best to eat rice.
Fruits and vegetables consumed in large quantities. In addition to oranges and bananas, all fruits into the diet, and usually eat lemons, white grapes and pineapple. Among the vegetables is not recommended to eat artichokes, black olives, peppers, radishes and avocado ordinary.
Restrict the use of beans, corn, wheat and buckwheat products because you slow down metabolism.
of grains to eat peanuts and chestnuts, and hazelnuts are not recommended, poppy and pumpkin seeds.
dietary supplements: vitamin C, hawthornes , valerian, colorful thistle.
Work calm body exercises as yoga, tai chi, as well as walking, cycling, tennis.

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