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The benefits of green tea

The benefits of green tea.
Besides the known antioxidant effects of green tea extract, in recent times is followed by its role in reducing the accumulation of body fat and reduce body weight

Besides the known antioxidant effects of green tea extract, in recent times is followed by its role in reducing the accumulation of body fat and reduce weight. In one of the first studies on animals, intake of green tea - about 3% of the total volume entering food - in female mice during the 4 months has led to a reduction in food intake, increased loss of body mass and reduce fat accumulation compared with placebo intake.
were reduced and the values ​​of total cholesterol and triglyceridemia during the study period. Probably the most significant finding of this study was to reduce the concentration of leptin - the hormone of obesity - the blood of experimental animals under the effect of green tea extract, which assumed direct effects of the extract on balancing the body composition. Thus, the need to study this effect in humans.
green tea as a means of Slimming
Numerous epidemiological studies performed on humans in recent years have provided some evidence for the effect of green tea on the reduction of fat content in the structure of the body. In particular, some studies have shown that the combination of green tea catechins and caffeine - are in all types of tea - the so-called products. thermogenic effect - increase in metabolic rate at rest and increased rate of fat oxidation. To this effect was probably due to the effects of caffeine - more on this, you can read in a previous article - which is a common ingredient of combined supplements. However, there seems to be the combined effect of caffeine on weight loss and EGKG.
is shown that there is an inverse relationship between regular intake of green tea and fat percentage of people who are regularly taking green tea for many years - more cups of tea a day, less fat in the body. However, like many epidemiological studies, it is not easy to determine the exact causes and effects of many other confounding variables such as lifestyle, exercise and eating habits. In a recent large study derived from the U.S., scientists have studied the effects of green tea on body composition and fat distribution in 132 adults are overweight in the weight loss caused by exercise. Respondents were asked to maintain constant energy intake and engage in moderate intensity exercise at least three times a week under the supervision of experts.
After 12 weeks, the subjects who took green tea were lost significantly more abdominal fat than the control group, which is ingested as a tea is practiced. This is particularly important because they are called. visceral fat is closely associated with increased risk of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases and obesity. Meanwhile, scientists in the UK studied the effects of green tea intake - 366 milligrams per day EGKG - in 12 healthy men who rode a bicycle 30 minutes at 60% of maximal oxygen consumption before and after taking green tea extract. results were dramatic compared to the placebo control group - in subjects who took green tea increased the burning rate of fat on average by as much as 17%! What is particularly intriguing in this study is that the same percentage contribution to increased fat oxidation to total energy consumption. It can be assumed that the green tea extract increased fat burning induced by active people.
This is potentially very important not only because of the aesthetic component of weight loss but also the selection of the fact that increased use of fat during exercise, saving glycogen stores in muscles and prolong the duration of exercise for During aerobic sports activities. If, for any of the foregoing reasons, choose to incorporate green tea extract supplementation in your program, here are some tips. Green tea is taken orally either as a beverage or as a supplement in capsule form.
recommended intake of 125 to 500 milligrams a day. highest quality extracts are standardized to at least 60% polyphenols - ie. EGKG -. mentioned amount corresponding to input 4 to 10 cups of green tea a day. On the other hand, intake of green tea in quantities up to 20 cups of day caused no adverse effects. If the extract is also caffeine intake megadoza can lead to restlessness, insomnia, heart palpitations, and tachycardia. on the market are present and dekofeinizovani extracts but should pay attention to the content EGKG. Contraindications for taking green tea are not known to possible interactions with anticoagulant drugs, and supplements - aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba - be careful.

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