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B Blood Type Diet

B Blood Type Diet.
Diet Blood Type B:
blood type B is characterized by the presence of protein aglutinogena B

Diet Blood Type B:
blood type B is characterized by the presence of protein aglutinogena B - B antigen -. Shall be deemed to have been built around 10 000 BC and developed thanks to our nomadic ancestors. According research by one person of 10 has blood type B, which is a shame because this blood group has the most benefits in the diet.
These individuals have a strong immune system and digestive system, nervous system balanced and easy to adapt to new eating habits.
are subject to the rare viral infections, disease, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases - lupus, multiple sclerosis, ... -.
Meals in carrier B blood group should be balanced and diverse.
eggs and all dairy products are represented in the diet, except dairy ice cream.
lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison is the most common meat meal a few times a week if they are overtired or persons suffering from disorders of the immune system. You should not eat pork and poultry meat, especially chicken meat and invertebrates because they contain lectin negative effect on the body and can cause autoimmune disease or stroke. chicken is the best substitute turkey.
fish diet is represented with a high fat content such as pike, sardines, cod, hake, mackerel and perch. In smaller quantities squid, carp and tuna. not suitable to eat crabs, mussels and shrimp.
Vegetables and fruits are very present in the diet. Banana, pineapple, green grapes, plums. cherries, blueberries are a fruit that should be commonly used in meals. Since most vegetables pepper , cabbage, parsley, shiitake, parsnip, potato, spinach, cucumbers, and is not recommended to eat artichokes, olives, avocados, pumpkin. You should not eat tomatoes with panglemaglutinani cause a severe reaction that manifests itself in the form of mucous membrane irritation, as well as Japanese apple - khaki - and pomegranate. daily is recommended at least 2-3 fruit servings.
use olive and flax seed oil and green tea.
grains to eat in moderation balanced, because it is not recommended. Avoid pistachios, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, hazelnuts. A weight has just increased with the consumption of corn, peanuts, hops, lentils, wheat and sesame. only rice and oats organism assimilates well.
dietary supplements: magnesium, licorice root, gingko, lecithin.
is recommended Hiking, biking, tennis, swimming .. Risk factors for morbidity from diseases that attack the nervous system increases if you eat in disagreement with your blood type

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