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The best amino acids

Best of amino acids.
In this article we will present many of the best and most commonly used amino acids

In this article we will present many of the best and most commonly used amino acids.
Arginine - This amino acid is very important for men because it stimulates the synthesis of sex hormone testosterone. Arginine deficiency can lead to sterility. Arginine or and encourages the work of the immune system and accelerates the healing of wounds, the process contributes to the degradation of accumulated fat, and to maintain muscle tone. This amino acid is found in chocolate, nuts, whole rice, dried apricot and so on. It is known that arginine stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, day and should not be taken higher doses of 30g, because excessive intake can cause a range of disorders in the body.
Lysine - the essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. has an impact on growth, development, tissue regeneration and healing processes . It is considered that improves power of concentration.
Natural sources of lysine are milk, fish, eggs, cheese and various soy products.
Ornithine - the amino acids arginine and plays an important role in the release of growth hormone. Ornithine maximally stimulates the release of this hormone during sleep, and thus provides enough energy to recover and maintain good looks. also can participate in the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, and seems to increase muscle mass, and is very popular stoga these amino acids, and great importance for the bodybuilder.
L-carnitine - plays an important role in converting fats into energy.
best natural sources of amino acids as hydrolyzate, rich in short chain peptides that enhance and increase muscle mass.
All of the above apply to the essential amino acids, and one that belongs to the following non-essential, although some time is already starting to fall into the first category, of vital importance. It is a glutamine.
For many argue that it is very essential amino acids. Here we will talk of glutamine, which is oriented to the left, the so-called L-Glutamine. He is present in the cell as a free amino acid concentration with up about 60% of all amino acids in skeletal muscle, including its lack of logic leads to catabolism, which of course is not good.
His role is a synthesis of the protein itself and regeneration.

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