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Fat the most common ingredients


fat or fat burners are popular such products that provide the lean healthy and safe, without a detrimental effect on the body.
Here are the most common ingredients of popular fat burners:
L- Carnitine - affects metabolism by increasing degradation of fatty acids, and also improves the metabolism of amino acids, and accelerates muscle recovery and decrease their inflammation.
Caffeine - the best studied and most common ingredient in fat burners. increases endurance, improves mental ability.
Guarana - most powerful form of caffeine.
Taurine - occurs naturally in the body dissolves lipids, caffeine increases the effect, protects the liver.
Octopamine - the latest generation of burners. from bitter orange extract. stimulates adipose tissue and leads to fat burning.
Hidrohlorna acid - reduces hunger, blocks the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.
Chromium Picolinate - regulates metabolism by increasing insulin activity and utilization - reducing fat and increasing muscle mass.
White Willow - reduces inflammation and increases the speed of recovery muscle.
Ginger - reduces stomach acid
Green tea - increases thermogenesis and basal metabolism speeds up time by 10%, slow release carbohydrate.
Cayenne Extract - stimulates secretion of adrenaline, increases the basal metabolism, decreases hunger .
Johimbin - stimulates the secretion of testosterone, increases energy and endurance training, increases blood circulation

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