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Whey Protein

Whey protein.
Most of you first meet with this term we do not know what it actually

Most of you first meet with this term we do not know what it is. Well here, namely whey is one of two major proteins found in milk, in addition to casein.
Translation of we mean whey. Now, as such, it contains large amounts of natural-lactose milk sugar and bring everything to the body of course is not desirable. For this reason there was a test and whey were found ways on how best to clean it from undesirable ingredients and to make it maximally useful, fat and cholesterol that are more easily dissolved in water and digested.
Two processes are considered the best when it comes to extracting the protein from whey and whey. The first is an ion exchange process, so proteins that extrude through its electronic charge. A second process is actually a process of microfiltration, where the physics of proteins separated micro-filter. most expensive and highest quality whey proteins are created in the market some of these processes. When choosing supplements, always choose the price and quality, do not save on this, because if you want great results, you must select and ultimate whey.
Otherwise, whey protein is very important for many reasons. One of them is that it contains the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids BCAA, which is very important because he spent the first muscle catabolism. Also, a whey protein contain in one Merici and 5 grams of glutamine, which is very important for the recovery of your muscles. quality whey proteins are very easily digested, and just as suitable, inter alia , to enter immediately after training because the body through the half but now have fuel for growth and recovery.
You can also choose between isolate and normal whey, depending on what you want to achieve. protein isolate is most often used if you want more work on definition, otherwise you can opt for one that has carbohydrates, fats, trace, and a nice amount of glutamine. choice is yours.

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