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Beta alanine dosing

Beta Alanine dosage.
Beta Alanine is the latest supplement to build muscle

Beta Alanine is the latest supplement to build muscle. It is a nonessential amino acid that works by blocking a molecule of lactic acid by carnosine and it is lactic acid, the main cause of pain in the muscles. Beta Alanine helps the production of carnosine faster so your muscles hurt less during exercise, allowing you to get the most from your workout.
1 - You should consider stopping use of creatine if you plan to use beta-alanine. Although the combination of these two supplements is some research suggests that the effect of beta alanine weakens when combined with creatine.
2 - Buy pure beta alanine. Today the beta alanine in addition to putting in many supplements that can interfere with its proper dose if you use some combination of these supplements.
3 - Take 6 grams in the first two weeks of supplementation. This is the initial phase and it takes some time to beta alanine accumulated in the muscles.
4 - Continue with 4 grams per day by the end use of supplements. Some long-term studies indicate that the use of beta alanine for a long period does not hurt. Also, it is not noticeable better performance if you take higher doses than recommended.

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