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A real breakfast speeds up weight loss

Real breakfast speeds up weight loss.
Scientists have discovered that the type of food you eat before physical and mental effort has a direct impact on your health

Scientists have discovered that the type of food you eat before physical and mental effort has a direct impact on your health.
Are you your wide waist creates a nightmare? Researchers at the University of Nottingham say that breakfast with a low glycemic index - GI - with apple juice helps the body to break down fat better than the day you start cereal and white toast, reports The Daily Express.
study led by Dr Emma Stevenson addressed the health status of young women, when a breakfast food. First, they breakfast provided which causes a rise in blood glucose - cornflakes and milk, white bread and jam and a fizzy, sugary drinks.
Then they changed the board and gave them food with low GI, with both breakfast have the same amount of calories, carbohydrates carbohydrates, fats and proteins. low-GI breakfast consisted of cereals, milk, peach compote, yoghurt and apple juice.
Three hours after the meal, women spent an hour on the treadmill. Then they were given lunch - the same In both study periods. Throughout the day blood samples were taken and exhaled air.
From the analysis, the researchers found that plasma free fatty acids - which show the amount of fat that the body uses for energy - began to rise two hours after breakfast with a low GI, and that in this case a higher concentration, which means faster fat burning in the body. Home - We concluded that consuming a low GI breakfast increases fat oxidation, and while we rest and while exercising, and thereby affect the appetite because the respondents felt fed up long after they ate this kind of food - said Dr. Stevenson.

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