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Raspberries For better immunity


Raspberries have a wonderful taste, contains lots of minerals, vitamins A and C, which successfully removed the temperature, promote perspiration, improves blood test, pure bile, promote discharge of sand from the kidney, strengthen the immune system and heart and normalize blood picture.
Raspberries are used in the treatment of asthma, eczema, and to improve appetite in children and convalescents.
Regulate bowel movements and soothe stomach pains, vomiting and a stop. It is very successful and rapid sobering! The healing purposes and uses the leaves, which is richer in vitamins, flowers and roots.
from leaves and roots to make tea, as well as dried raspberries, which are used for sore throat, eczema, rashes and other allergic reactions, and general strengthening of the body.
raspberry leaf tea relieves intestinal inflammation, treat diarrhea and dysentery, purifies the blood, regulate the monthly cycle and treating skin diseases. If the fresh crushed leaves dressed the painful parts of the body to reduce pain.
syrup Clean
raspberry raspberries and let them sit and let the juice, stirring occasionally. After a few days strain the juice through cheesecloth, measure it and add sugar.
kilogram olive juice added to a kilogram of sugar, all the stirring and Put to boil with occasional removal of the foam. When it stops foaming, remove from heat. While hot, pour it into the heated bottles and hermetically closed.
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