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Food that feels stomach

Food that feels his stomach.
We know that a food is more appropriate, and some less

We know that a food is more appropriate, and some less. We bring you five foods that we just love the intestine.
1 Cabbage - This food contains lactic acid bacilli and very large amounts of substances that promote digestion and prevent constipation.
2 Dates - dates - If you have problems with digestion every day while problem persists, eat five urmi. They are rich in leucine, an amino acid that stimulates bowel movements.
3 Potatoes - Due to its rich mineral zinc and vitamin C, potato strengthens our immune system. In addition contains special ingredients that improve digestion.
4 Yogurt - We all know the good bacteria in yogurt or Lactobacilli, causing fermentation of milk by stimulating digestion and work intestine. Every day is recommended to drink a glass of yogurt.
5 Mango - This fruit contains a complex blend of carbohydrates that destroy harmful intestinal bacteria. Mango is even recommended as a remedy for a variety of food poisoning and infectious diarrhea.

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