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Coffee reduces cellulite

Coffee reduces cellulite.
Real kafopije kozumiraju this drink because I really enjoy its taste and smell, while equally large number of people used to recover energy

kafopije kozumiraju this drink because I really enjoy its taste and smell, while equally large number of people used to recover energy.
However, the effect of this magic potion does not stop with just that, but Coffee is used as a scrub to remove dull and cellulite. These are very effective in, but not so well known and internationally recognized treatment.
How coffee affects cellulite?
While its cosmetic effect is not widely known increasingly present in alternative ways of beautifying it significantly and rapidly reduces cellulite. For starters, when you make your little ritual of coffee drinking, save the pellet. It will precipitate later nanaeti the desired region of the body to remove cellulite. you need the rest of the coffee in quantities of at least one drink coffee pots, and the best results are obtained if the precipitate is warm.
How to apply?
If you decide to apply themselves at home, this method removes cellulite, on or under the bed post papers , so they would not have a problem with cleaning.
Then mix two tablespoons of sediment with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Before applying the mixture you it is important to moisten the area, and then the circular motion of the nave mask and massage using hands or a sponge - but lufu -. Most mixtures are likely to end up in newspaper, but do not worry because the skin will be enough to achieve the desired effect. After applying
tea masks wrap the body in plastic wrap and wait a few minutes to act, then remove the foil and take a shower with warm water. For the best effects of the procedure should be repeated twice a week.
should also be noted that the consumption of coffee as an anti-cellulite mlevenoj emphasis on coffee.
What doctors say?
How much coffee is really effective in breaking up the cellulite is an issue that is increasingly attracting attention lekata. Although some research has confirmed its somewhat have a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to do more analysis in order to be recognized worldwide cosmetics.
After all, all the expensive cellulite creams have one common ingredient, and it has caffeine, right?

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