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Macrobiotics is a unique concept that, besides feeding, entails a certain mindset, but the general way of life

Macrobiotics is a unique concept that, besides feeding, entails a certain way of thinking, and general lifestyle. Macrobiotics insists priordnim foods that have not undergone major processing.
So macrobiotic diet includes the consumption of different types of integral grains and legumes, vegetables, fruits and vegetables as a specific way of eating, which is to avoid overeating, as well as the basic chewing before swallowing. As far as animal foods, macrobiotics to insist on the avoidance of meat, and favors the consumption of fish.
macrobiotic diet is the only aspect of a much broader concept called macrobiotics, which also includes special dietary philosophy, method and style of life, and understanding the world and events in it as a perpetual interaction between two opposing forces called yin and yang.
The history of creation
Macrobiotics Macrobiotics is the first time in history is mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates, where so-called. father of medicine called macrobiotic food and healthy people live longer. Herodotus, Aristotle, Galen and other ancient Greek writers use the word macrobiotics to describe a way of life through diet leads to health and longevity. makrobiotikestvorio the philosophy of modern Japans Osawa George - 1893-1966 - that his own philosophy of healthy living based on traditional Japanese and oriental medicine.
Yin and Yang

based Macrobiotics is based on the principles of interaction of two opposing energies called the macrobiotic yin and yang. These two words do not have an adequate translation into our language and must be used in its original form. Jin energies indicates expansion, while yang energy collection. It is that ensures that this energy be consistent in my life and the very food so that none of them prevails, with the aim of achieving an ideal balance them.
All the food we eat more yin or more yang quality and therefore the impact of such on our body. In macrobiotic diet used moderately and moderately yin yang foods that can be taken daily without risk to health. It is important that if a food was predominant in either yin yang side carry her balance. For example: vegetables - which is the nature more yin - balances with a pinch of salt - Yang -, fried tofu - more yin - balances with soy sauce - more yang -.

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