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Olive Oil

Olive oil.
Olives are the fruits of the evergreen tree Olea europaea L

Olives are the fruits of the evergreen tree Olea europaea L., grown in the Mediterranean area. Olive fruits are fleshy lot of oil, and the seeds inside, which also has oil, but lower quality. Olive oil is obtained by milling process - kneading - ripe olive fruit. Quality oil is dark green and clear.
There are several types of olive oil, depending on the quality, so we can buy extra virgin, virgin and refined olive oil. on the market and have oil with additives such as basil , lemon bark, cayenne pepper, bay leaf, bilberry, rosemary ... Each of these supplements maslniovom oil gives a special flavor.
Why is it good malsinovo oil?
For good looks, britkiji mind and living longer recommended use olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil just has a great taste, very different characteristics.
However, if youre not sure if olive oil is good for your body, here are five reasons that will help you change your mind.
1 helps you lose weight
The first list is certainly the fact that consumption of olive oil helps weight loss prim, or destruction of lipids.
2 prolongs life
What is extra virgin olive oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, can help prevent and prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer, as well as their treatment and therapy.
3 makes you smart
olive oil are present in unsaturated fatty acids that can improve brain, which in turn connects with aging and diseases such as Alzheimers disease.
4 rejuvenates and beautifies
Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins A, D, K and E to help fight free radicals and oxidation of cells, all of which leads to premature aging and consumption of oil maslnovog may seem like the best beauty salon visits.
5 Improves intimate
Extra virgin olive oil in conjunction with Omega 3 fatty acids, improves circulation, which is a key factor in erection and orgasm in women and men.

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