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Feng Shui diet

Feng Shui diet.
When you hear about Feng Shui vellika most people first think of organzovanje space and furniture

When you hear about Feng Shui vellika most people first think of organzovanje space and furniture. But Feng Shui is not just the end to where you set the pot or the side of your bed to watch. He actually has a very powerful influence our lives and our unconscious and can be applied in food, if you want to eat healthy, encourage the general condition of your body and what is most important to some, and lose weight.
first to start the walls in the kitchen and dining room and turn pastel earthy colors because they encourage the pleasure, as opposed to bright and bold colors that stimulate appetite. So, pastel shades are ideal for moderation in diet.
second room on the opposite end of your apartment door was the most desirable rooms where you feel most comfortable and consequently there and spend the most time. Now, if your kitchen or dining room just in this position then you will probably find yourself spending as much time in it though and you have not, or at all, hungry. Try that with a beautiful curtain hide bowl with cookies, and must remove all snacks from the table or shelf that are at hand.
3 courts and rectangular shapes are better than the round, if you want to lose weight or maintain achieved by encouraging moderation as long as circles foster the desire.
4 What are your home, especially kitchen and tpezarija neater, easier for you to lose weight and maintain your desired weight. However PodolĂ­ addition to the pure and clean your kitchen of unhealthy foods most fattening! When you open the fridge and see shelves that glow with which you feed fresh fruits and vegetables are much more likely to have a perfect line. Also, add in the kitchen mirror, helping you to be focused and aware of - that what you eat, so the quantity of food you consume.
5 Feng Shui approach to eating is a process during which you think about what you do and what you eat. Try not to eat in the same room in which you are preparing food. Never eat in a hurry, slowly chew each bite, enjoy a meal.

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