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Cranberry why the need to eat?


Cranberry is a kind of berry, from North America and belongs to the genus blueberries. Centuries used for food and medicinal purposes, commonly used as a dietary supplement and beverage.
Cranberry has antitumor activity and improves damaged eyesight , thanks to the antioxidants, but it is good for many other zdrstvene problems such as urinary tract infections and improving hygiene Orlane.
content in 100 grams of cranberries have only 39 calories, 11mg of vitamin C, 90mg of potassium, 14, 4mg calcium, 7, 2 mg of magnesium, 0, 9 and 86mg iron, 87mg phosphorus.
Studies have shown that regular consumption of cranberry juice can reduce the potential for further development as well as urinary tract infections. It can also be used as a supplement to existing therapy, so it reduces the use of antibiotics. was grateful for this benzoic acid that contain cranberries.
So, cranberry juice is a quality prevention against urinary tract infections in women, especially in the elderly population. Escherihije coli bacteria are composed of body and hairy extensions called pili that stick to the bladder tissue, thereby generating an inflammatory process.
Cranberry positive effect on cardiovascular health, such as flavonoids found in cranberries act to reduce blood clotting, a help and vasodilation, which lowers blood pressure.
Cranberry juice can prevent the occurrence heliobacter pylori bacteria that clings to the wall of the stomach, and thus reduces the occurrence of ulcers.
cranberry juice plays a positive role in oral hygiene by reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth and thus a reduction in various diseases of the teeth and gums.
cranberry juice is also used for prevention of kidney stones. His oputreba in this disease is possible thanks to the quinic acid it contains. Quinic acid is added mild acidity of urine, which prevents the increase their calcium and phosphorus to its common effect, ie the union of form kidney stones.
Cranberry juice can reduce the amount of calcium in the urine of more than 50%, and thus significantly reduces the likelihood of creating kidney stones.

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