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Nutrition for Fitness

Food for Fitness.
Before any physical activity and after it should be adequate to feed

Before any physical activity and after it should be adequate to feed. This rule applies because the fitness that you are well practiced, you need the power or energy, and it comes from the food you take in your body.
amount of food you need to enter depends on your weight, which you age and the level of physical activity and weight.
Your diet should be based on proper izblanisiranom intake of nutrients that enter through food.
balanced diet that includes calorie intake is reduced and divided into several installments, the mogucustvu five. It includes three main meals and two snacks, and nothing should not be because it skips the larger number of meals increases metabolism.
first place you should know that carbohydrates provide energy and protein help us in development. It is also important, and fat intake as well as vitamins.
Signs should enter as many carbohydrates with foods that you eat. their introduction we are ready for both physical and for mental work. Carbohydrates are the body decompose into glucose and are essential to you and then create and maintain muscle mass. So they are stored in the muscle tissue in the form of glukogena that is spent in physical activity. extends our thanks to him the endurance.
Carbohydrates are found in foods such as wholemeal products, eg. wholemeal bread and wholemeal pastry, then rice, potatoes and pasta. Also it has in vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, green beans, etc. . in carbohydrates and sugar that falls. glucose, which are required to precisely when trainings, to restore the energy consumed.
amount of carbohydrate intake depends on how you do physical activities during the day.
proteins were also very important and should be sure to find at all your meals during the day. They are important for building muscle. Protein is found in meat, for example. in beef, chicken, turkey, then fish as well as eggs and milk. choice you can be fish such as salmon, tuna or sardines. protein should be divided into several meals because they would be taken about every three hours, but you can not overdo on protein because it will surely be on the training needs and will use them during exercise.
in your diet while training, should be represented and essential fats which has, for example. in fish, soy and suncukretu. You can also use dairy products with low fat because it will be enough for your daily needs.
Water is indispensable when you do physical activity, or when you train. Drink plenty of fluids both before training, and during it, and after. If you work out intensely is recommended to drink water even when not thirsty. It is necessary to avoid came to dehydration in the body which has many negative effects on the heart and the brain as interference in the bloodstream. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 and preferably 3 liters of water.
I warn you at the end of the foods that you should not to take during training, such as processed foods such as meat products because they are full of unnecessary fat. You should avoid snacks, sweetie, and soda, which is not recommended.
So the physical activity required must go well izbalasirana diet, it guarantees that you will not feel good, thatll be the first youll have a healthy and a good line.

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