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How to lose weight 10 kg

How to lose weight 10 kg.
Many would like to lose weight quickly, although they know that this is not healthy and not practically possible smrsati for a short time

Many would like to lose weight quickly, although they know that this is not healthy and not practically possible smrsati for a short time.
To lose weight 10 pounds youll need a couple of months. It is by no means the only possible a few days.
You do not need any products just need to fully focus on yourself, or you have some time for yourself. to focus on how you can eat and how much you exercise. Both are equally important.
What is important is the food just mentioned. would be best to save their own meals rather than buying in a store, especially the fast food because it is a low quality diet. For example in a store, you can only buy groceries and make himself a sandwich. You will know what you put into it, and therefore how healthy.
What you should avoid is the first mast. oil should you use it in smaller quantities and the best would be to use only olive oil because it is healthy.
White bread and rolls, white flour should remove and eat only wholemeal or wholemeal bread.
potatoes you should also be avoided as well as baked as chips because it is rich in carbohydrates , which means it has a lot of calories that fatten.
sweets, snacks and fast foods like hamburgers, pizza and burgers for example, forget it. No fruit juices and soda does not account down because they can harm your body.
For breakfast we recommend that you eat sardines, but the eggs with black or pumpernickel bread and can eat and muesli.
For lunch you can eat zucchini, beans, green beans, and meat of beef or veal and chicken without skin, while pork is not recommended because the maso. But note that this is not taking more than 400 grams of meat.
for dinner can be a fruit or vegetable and bread is not desirable to eat.
Between meals, snack you can eat one or two apples or mandarin for example.
between meals and you should not drink as much fluid as water or a mild teas.
addition to the above and you have to exercise because it will help in the training that you pounds not return. Running might be a good choice.
Note that you must first make a firm decision to remove the weight and then set about it and put it into action. This will be achieved as you see the change in dietary habits, physical activity and changing bad habits because those are the causes of your problem, then you first need to work on their elimination.
But despite all the above mentioned please note that you should not be starving yourself because you will feel bad and corrupt his blood count. Health is still the most important and should be the first.

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