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Zinc mineral

Zinc mineral.
Daily dietary intake minarale many that are necessary for the absorption of vitamins and essential for growth and development, the role of minerals May substances and building blocks of regulatory substances

Crawling, indexing the number of daily nutrition intake minarale necessary for absorption of vitamins and essential for growth and development, Minerals May gradivnih matter and the role of regulatory substances.
Why is it necessary zinc?

Zinc is a mineral that the body is in the amount of only 2-3g. It is necessary to: •
growth and development, for
• funkcionisanjeimunog system
• helps in faster healing of wounds,
• reducing insulin resistance, prevents

• impact on the creation of sperm,
• used to treat impotence and infertility, affects of testosterone,
• restores mental freshness,
• to remove white spots on nails,
• acne,
• Loss of taste sensation.
• Zinc is used in the prevention of colds and flu or chronic infections, as it encourages the immune system and has antioxidant role.
• Zinc or pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, which often are part of preparations for an enlarged prostate.
• It is essential for growth and development of infants.
recommended daily dose is 15mg of zinc. However, there are state in which the recommended intake of large quantities of zinc and they are losing their sense of taste and smell, mental lethargy, slow wound healing, susceptibility to infections, hair loss, reduced sperm count, reduced sex drive. However, it should pay attention to the fact that the toxic doses of zinc 150 -500mg daily, which may cause a disturbance of the nervous system.
Natural sources of zinc are red meat - pork, beef -, cereal grains - unglazed -, wheat germ, spinach, green beans, peas, eggs, milk, oysters, wine, pumpkin seeds, brewers yeast. It is believed that the zinc from the food pass only about 10%, so it is necessary to add larger amounts than recommended.
Zinc and other drugs
Zinc binds to tetracyclines, quinolones , levothyroxine, and reduces their absorption, so it is advisable to take this medication 2 hours before meals. Thiazide diuretics can increase urinary zinc excretion. Amiloride - potassium sparing diuretic - reduce urinary zinc excretion, and spironolactone and triamterene does not show such an effect. contraindicative the use of zinc with immunosuppressants and corticosteroids. Vitamin A promotes the adoption of zinc.

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