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Diet for weight gain

Diet for weight gain.
While most have a problem, how to lose weight, there are those who want to ugoje

While most have a problem, how to lose weight, there are those who want to be breeding.
These are people who are so skinny, so they want to have more weight, as the people who are obese completely neshavatljivo .
But its not just looks, thinness can cause many health problems such as anemia and weak immunity. Also people who are thin are often subject to different types of diseases and after some operations they need a longer recovery, that to recover the body and deal with the disease.
market there are many products that guarantee that will be an increase in weight during their use. Their manufacturers say that the commercials will for a month by those who use them and get 5 even possibly up to 10 kg. Unfortunately the results are not so encouraging judging from the experiences of those who have tried it.
why you should pay particular attention to your diet if you want to be breeding.
You can accomplish this alone, without any preparation sold, and which are full of chemicals that are not healthy. healthiest way to ugojite the proper food intake.
should know that nothing can overnight and that there is no quick way to breeding. It is recommended that to go slowly .
To be gained weight, should not be based on the amount, or should not overeat, but only to eat healthy, and not to consume those foods that you will only deposit fat on your stomach or make yourself health problems, or worsen your blood.
When it comes to food, the most important thing is that foods that are rich in carbohydrates.
To be gained weight should enter as many calories, even up to 3500 calories a day.
Foods that can help you as bread, pasta, in which large quantities. It is also important, and potatoes and rice.
It is desirable to bring all kinds of meat, chicken, turkey, beef and pork.
should and eat fruits and vegetables especially peas, all kinds of lettuce and beans.
hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts and nuts are full of calories, so be sure to recommend. Dried fruits also.
Do not forget to enter the egg and milk and dairy products such as sour cream, yogurt and cheese. milk can sweeten with honey, it would be caloric. Honey is encourage you to take every night 1 to 2 teaspoons for a while is healthy and fat.
sweets, cakes and cookies Eat in moderation and avoid junk food.
well give you another important tip: Do not skip breakfast and avoid caffeine and nicotine because it will give you to increase your metabolism and you are unable to breeding.
would not be bad to go to be involved in physical activity, because the misconception that only those who want to lose weight should go to the gym and practicing.
As a dietary supplement can also use brewers yeast tablets that increase appetite.
While you are following the above mentioned, to see the first effects usually takes several weeks and not a few days but do not despair, be persistent, so the results will certainly not fail.

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