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All about honey

All about honey.
Man has always loved honey, as the divine taste, because of multiple medicinal effects

Man has always loved honey, as the divine taste, because of multiple medicinal effects.
Med primarily you can help protect against the flu, detoxification, and give you more energy.
Start using honey attributed the time when mankind was created. In Spain, found a certain image that testifies to the use of honey, and it is estimated that about 15 old 000 years in Egypt, hieroglyphic writings inscribed on the importance of bees to humans.
Many cultures and peoples of murder Bees are considered sin.
composition of honey consists of enzymes, amino acids, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.
Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, D, C
minerals calcium, potassium, sodium , magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, iodine.
fructose - about 34% sucrose
- about 41%
Glucose - 1-2%
Med, although the caloric, are quickly digested the ideal energy source, while exercise will slow down muscle fatigue and is especially recommended for athletes. It is much better for your body than regular white sugar.
However it is advisable not to give honey to children younger than one year.
Apitherapy is the expression treatment with honey. Honey will relieve colds, flu, Astem, bronchitis, ulcers, sinus problems, conjunctivitis, gastritis, and the like.
little honey can be applied to a cut, burn, place the skin on which it occurred bite or sting. Med will alleviate the pain, and remove any toxins in the bite entered.
If you have skin problems like eczema, dry skin, peeling - you should use a coating of honey.
Honey stimulates digestion, detoxifies body entirely, reduces the level of fatty acids and enriched with iron body.
lime honey relieves respiratory problems and provide a quicker recovery from colds. However, this type of honey is not recommended for people with heart problems.
Honey Lavender eliminates bloating in the stomach, relaxes, stimulates the secretion of substances from the body, keeps your heart healthy.
chestnut honey improves the function of the stomach, digestion, circulation, stimulates the immune system.
Acacia Honey also stimulates digestion, relaxes, good for sleep .
Meadow honey will eliminate allergic reactions and improve the immune system.
Honey is good for your beauty mask of honey will reduce visibility of wrinkles, hydrate and cleanse the skin.
If you have problems with low weight, Regular consumption will improve your appetite.
If your overweight problem in 2 dl water pour one teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons lemon juice every morning before breakfast, and you can after eating.
Crystallization is a normal process in honey and will not impair its quality.
Council plus: if you have problems with cracked lips, apply a thin coat on the lips of honey every day.

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