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Tips for holding a child

Tips for holding a child.
To manage your diet, you must resist all temptations, and willpower to save

To manage your diet, you must resist all temptations, and willpower to save. Sometimes seemingly small things that may prevent a successful diet.
Tips for keeping a child
- If the juices with added sugar your old habits and replace them with natural juices, lemonade, orange juice, sweetened tea, which are artificial sweetener and the like. Home - If the morning, before going to work or school do not have time to prepare breakfast, do not to eat bread sticks in town, but get ready for the morning meal in the evening. Let it be a fruit or a slice of black bread smeared with honey. Or save with a bag of oat flakes, which will in time add to the breakfast yogurt without the fat. Home - If you do not You can imagine a salad without adding mayonnaise, replace it with the addition of olive oil, peeled sunflower seeds and chili peppers if youre comfortable with the spicy taste. Mayonnaise is highly caloric and is one of the main enemies of your child. Home - If you can not resist the tempting smell pizza, opt for one with the addition of vegetable without bacon or ham. This will satisfy your desire, and entered many times less calories. Home - To avoid the onset of hunger after breakfast, breakfast needs to be a little richer, more vegetables or fruit. And if poslepodnevim classes hungry, give yourself a handful of almonds or hazelnuts. This will fill you up until the time comes for dinner. Home - If you feel the desire for sweets, drink a glass of water and contact your friend for coffee. Every time want to eat something sweet, ask yourself whether you want to lose weight. Although very small amount of chocolate is allowed in the diet, keep in mind that you overdoing it hurts after you eat a chocolate bar, youll feel guilty. Be determined and persistent and it will pay off.

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