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Milk diet

Milk diet.
Winter is slowly passed, the days are getting nicer and you are due to inactivity during these cold days, threw a few pounds

Winter is slowly passed, the days are getting nicer and you are due to inactivity during these cold days, threw a few pounds. Do not fall into despair, especially today when so much talk about diets and when you can really find the one corresponding to strengthen just your body, and whose implementation will bring its weight to the desired level.
water diet to you to choose whether you want to lose weight quickly and easily, or a little longer to make sure that the food and when you enter into your body but that in turn are its effects, at least until next winter and periods of inactivity and increased food intake.
range diet that will help you in short time izubite excess weight and achieve the desired weight is diet and milk. If food intake is foreseen for this diet for three days, there are likely to lose about three pounds. Of course, everything depends on the organism to organism, and how your body is submitted to certain foods, why you might prefer to do the food intolerance test, because if you choose idejtu based on a food that your body does not digest well, you will not achieve the desired results.
Why is milk diet effective?
Milk is very important for the normal functioning of our body because it contains vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium and many minerals, proteins. Milk positively affect the digestive system, so it should a child eat out and at least one meal.
Effects of lactic child
lower level cholesterol, strengthened bones, nervous system, regulation of normal intestinal effects are keeping dairy diet. Besides them, it will improve your skin and your acne oslobiti.
If you decided to hold milk diet, before you begin to diet, it is important to always drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water. For breakfast, eat 1 yogurt, 1 banana, tea with honey or coffee with milk, no sugar. At lunch consume 1 boiled egg, cucumber salad that was topped with natural yoghurt or cottage cheese with fruit, 1 cup sour milk. For dinner, the recommended 100 grams of oatmeal in water or milk, 200g of cheese, 1 cup of milk.
Snacks should be 1 pear, 2 dl yoghurt.

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