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Exercises for flexibility

Exercises for flexibility.
Fitness is an important part of stretching in which the best way you gain the flexibility of the body

fitness is an important part of stretching in which the best way you gain the flexibility of the body. Therefore, we will introduce in this paper exercises for flexibility.
As we age our muscles and so ligmenti become shorter and thicker, which leads to greater risk of injury during exercise, reduced motor skills as well as to poor posture. Lack of flexibility in women can lead to muscle spasms shoulder and back, which leads to a hunched in the back and it seems that no one would wish, therefore, the acquisition of routine practice is easy just to be consistent.
It is enough to train 10 - 15 minutes a day to stay in shape and have a good body posture, even in later years. What is crucial is to warm up before each stretch, otherwise you risk to come to the painful muscle inflammation.
There are dynamic and static stretching of the body. First we start with static because of it all begins, and it makes the start of exercise. So there we have the following exercises:
Squats - legs, chest, shoulders -, Put your hands beside the body, and bend the knees until your fingers are on the ground. Stand up and be correct, this is used at least 10 times.
Touching your toes - lower back -, keep your shoulders are in with feet flat, bend at the waist and try to retrieve your toes while your knees straight. It is important to breathe evenly. Repeat this exercise six times.
followed, stretching the muscle, its purpose is to muscles gently stretched to increase the elasticity of muscle tissue. You need to stretch until you feel that your muscles are relaxed.
In this category we have the following examples of exercises: stretching
TENDON KNEE - Lie on your back, one leg down to ground, legs bent adrugu toward you and gently pull the leg that is bent toward you. In this position the leg hold 20-30 seconds, then replace the leg and so
stretching INTERNAL Upper thigh - Sit on the floor, the soles must be connected. In this position, push your knees down and tighten until you feel that you can tighten the inner thigh.

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