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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


Healthier lifestyles

Healthier lifestyles.
Modern man wants to feel good to look good and be healthy

Modern man wants to feel good to look good and be healthy. In general understands that physical activity is the way to achieve this goal. But when he wants to find the right activity for himself, becoming confused many deals into account the different terms that do not understand.
Certainly a modern man or woman is not the primary goal is to learn to do a somersault, rope, to run off a marathon, or from the bench to raise an incredible weight. We just want to feel good in your body. modern fitness goal is to use exercise and recreation, and other fitness products, to achieve good mental and physical, aesthetic and functional staanje organism. Fitness is not just a sports discipline in which the specific preparation are achieved through excellent results in motor and aesthetic characteristics of the competitors, but and a movement to create a healthy lifestyle. Today there are an enormous number of methods that lead us toward that goal. In the fitness services we can choose a personal or group training programs, and some forms of self-training.
holistic health response the modern way of life full of stress, but perhaps in response to an exaggeration in the sport, fitness and physical access to only the body, a new trend in fitness from a movement called - wellness - wellness -. Wellness is a holistic approach to health, style and way of life. It is a process of continuous improvement of mental, physical, spiritual and mental health. Complete health is achieved by the conscious action of the areas physical activity, healthy nutrition, spiritual activities, relaxation, beauty and quality as cohabitation with nature and other people. Todays wellness centers include similar programs such as fitness centers, provided that the special attention is paid to the amenity building, health check, body and mind techniques and additional content spa1 program. Here the term is still not completely and became known as the original is still writing in the English form. The goal of wellness is that one feels good, and he will feel good when fit, ie. when regular light exercise, but when he finds time for other things like when you know how properly to deal with stress, problems with their emotions and thoughts
To be fit, develop stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination.
stamina does not practice, because it is preparing to run for the animal to hunt, to run across any distance from home to work in order to save petrol, but most because, as we want to take off the fat. Then opt for cardiovascular applications - continuous effort in the middle range in the form of running, cycling, aerobics classes, tae bo and the like. good news is that cardiovascular strain at the same time and one of the best investments for health.
power modern man does not develop, because he wants to help to lift bags of stones, or furniture in the house, but mainly because he wants to prevent deformities and change the shape of your body - you can do it first by strengthening the muscles that cause minor or larger increase muscle mass. lifting exercises - with weights, props, or on machines - or different exercises lifting your body that is loaded only by its body weight - pilates, yoga Pauer - Power Yoga -, free exercise ... - will give us the to assist.
Flexibility us we should not put the leg behind your head, but to get rid of tension and prevent injury and poor posture. Flexibility is largely associated with the mental state of the organism and to this end we practice yoga, pilates, body and mind programs, with soft music.
coordination as the queen of all the capability, we do not need that we finally caught a big animal, won the battle with antique weapons, but so that we have mastered the choreography of your dreams, but because to us body listened to and that is why we are in your body really felt like home. Therefore, we try to diversify what we practice.
spiritual development and work on it are necessary in order to manage to live in peace with your thoughts, desires, emotions and everyday issues. To achieve this we need to redirect attention to our inner world, which, if you neglect him, all his force to show incorrectness of such a flood of life and inner thoughts of our impulses and emotions that do not understand. Yoga, meditation, and other modern body and mind discipline, self-awareness techniques, breathing techniques and strengthening the will are fantastic way to get in and improve the spiritual sense and ultimately feel fulfilled and satisfied, we will never be achieved only by environmental issues and meeting the material and physical desires.
Good combine the best
we feel if we develop all skills equally, and each of their direct the exercise of any of the abilities. Of course the ones that we need them most often we do not neglect the other, because we will not completely one-sided exercise to balance our body and soul. And because of that, yes, to combine yoga and cardio training, strength and coordination exercises, nutrition, movement in nature and must, at least a few things we enjoy. A good coach should recommend a little bit of everything - a provide you with the most of what your body and your soul most.
From this we understand that yoga naturally belongs to the area of ​​fitness and wellness area in particular. Moreover, the yoga concept of living will greatly contribute to the quality of life of a fitness practitioner, or user wellness services, such as the fitness and balance the bodys complement those already regularly practice some form of yoga. Yoga practice, although it contains plenty of essential items from the area of ​​spiritual and physical progress, does not contain an adequate cardiac effort. For this reason, we recommend practitioners of yoga to a minimum once a week - and it would be good and more - in its regular program of exercise throw some cardio-long effort or even longer faster walking through the woods.

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