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Training for a flat stomach

Training for a flat stomach.
For a flat stomach is necessary to remove the fat and work on designing strained abdominal muscle and skin

Crawling, indexing for a flat stomach is necessary to remove the fat and work on designing strained abdominal muscle and skin. You can be achieved in many ways, and we will here present a large number of exercises for the abs.
Home - Exercises to do 3 sets of 10-20 reps. Choose six exercises for training. To train three times a week. Exercises most and scissors to work 10-30 hours, the two series.
to top of sit-ups:
1 - The classic fixed-feet - feet on the ground, lift your back, hold and hang up.
2 - Classic-built legs - legs raised, knees bent at a right angle, lift the back until the blade is not odovoje from the ground, and hold down.
3 - Classic-arms length with fixed legs - arms stretched behind his head while lying down, raise your upper back while keeping your hands in the same position, keep a little and drop down.
4 - Switches - working and lower abs - lie down, with outstretched arms and legs at the same time lift the arms and legs so that they meet above the stomach, slowly return to starting position.
For the lower part of the sit-ups:
1 - scissors - hands under your buttocks - stability -, his legs raised 10cm off the ground, feet alternately.
2 - Lower legs - the position with your feet up, put your hands under your buttocks, slowly lower your feet to a few cm above the ground, and return the starting position.
For side Abs:
1 - Lateral trunk curl - Lie on side with the upper hand bent to touch the head, bend your torso up as much as you can, hold and drop.
2 - Cross with a twist - Lie on your back, knees bent. Put leg over the other knee, lift the rotating torso, elbow knee touch the raised leg, back to back.
for the torso:
1 - Most - lie down on the chest, lean your elbows on the floor - back straight -, how much you can endure.
2 - Side bridge - From the lie down, prop your elbow. body in a straight line from head to toe.

- The exercises are done in two series.
1 - The broad rotation - a gap width of the legs hips, step right foot, right shoulder - behind the hook -. Just do the left leg and shoulder. To do these 16 steps.
2 - Stretching - a. - in hand to hold the weight - 1kg - they stand upright collected foot. Raise the left foot 3cm. Slightly bend backwards from the hips, moving your hands over your head. b. - straighten the body and raise your hands at shoulder height. Return a. Repeat the exercise with other leg.
3 - Stepping forward - stand gathered the foot. hands to the body weight - 1-1.5 kg -. step forward right foot, squat lifting his left arm. Go back and repeat with right foot and hand.
4 - Stepping to the side - a gap width of the hips, hands, elbows bent, weight. right leg 40cm to the side, right hip against the right foot. Bend the right knee, lower in Raise the left arm and right fall . Go back and repeat with the left foot.
5 - Rotational step - Stand up straight, a gap width of the hips, keep the ball in the middle of the waist. Izbaciti left leg diagonally behind you, raise the heel of the right foot. Bend left leg at the knee. Move your hands to the ball is against the right shoulder. Go back and repeat.

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