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How to lose weight in your face

How to lose weight in the face.
Many of you have a problem and do not know how to lose weight in your face

Many of you have a problem and do not know how to lose weight in the face. We will give you some practical tips to help you with that.
The first place you should know that it is very difficult to weaken at a definite part of the body. For example, only in person or in the hands or feet. This is because when the weight is lost, is lost in the whole body podejednako and evenly.
Lose weight the person can lose only the effect of weight loss in general. most common excess body fat disappears first from the face, so we should do something to lose the fat. This is what should be to focus. This will achieve better suited for the face and adjusting your diet.
So what is a very It is important to eat healthy. You should not enter the foods that are high in fat. would be best to reduce fat intake from 30% to 60%.
refined sugar and salt would be good to completely remove from service. Reason This is what they contribute to water retention, and according to many nutritionists, water retention results in weight gain in the face. Eliminating those two ingredients that you can slim down in the face, so work on it.
If you want to slim down in the face and it is very important to reduce your intake of carbohydrates for an average of 15% to 25%.
Fruits and vegetables should you eat in large quantities. recommended several times a day. Ideally, they would be found on your daily menu at each meal.
From all the above we can conclude that it would be best to eat low fat foods and unsalted. It may be in addition to fruits and vegetables, meat and whole grains that are rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needed.
Another important thing if you want to slim down the face is to drink enough fluids.
Water is essential for your body and the more you drink, the less will hold up in it.
That is your goal, because the water mostly just keeps on his face. When this happens, your cheeks look inflated and you look fatter in the face. It is for these reasons you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day and you more. If you can not drink as much fluid from assistance you may be fruits and vegetables. taking them you will be fed, and will also bring less food that is bad for your body. Its like we mentioned salty, sweet and fatty foods.
We need to tell you to avoid alcoholic beverages. It debljenje much influence in the face. If you ate them will look bloated as they contribute to water retention in the face. One of the disadvantages of alkohlnih pizza is that it contains many calories and not be able to slim down at all, and therefore even in the face. why would be best to completely forget about alcoholic beverages.
Many drugs affect the water retention, even in the face. So pay attention if you are taking any medication. Read the instructions may have been just as guilty as they look fatter in the face. advised to speak with your doctor to change medication if possible.
Finally you will note that it is important to engage in physical activity. You can lift weights and do exercises with weights because they contribute to increasing muscle density and helping you to slim down for reasons which you invest a lot of effort and strength in them.
This way you will strengthen the facial muscles, it is also possible, and specific exercises for the face. This is gymnastics for the person who will give you just a few minutes of exercise several times a day to help to tighten it.s simple and yields results.

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