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How to slim down

How to slim down.
Today, the many overweight people who torment the same problem and this is how to get rid of extra pounds and get to the slim

Crawling, indexing in the world today is a lot of obese people who torment the same problem and this is how to get rid of extra pounds and come to slim down. But it is not easy and it is impossible to achieve overnight. If you
passion this issue, well give you some tips on how to solve it.
What you should know is that nowhere stare, and not the quick and sharp to cut the food itself. This is a big mistake. organism should gradually get used to new regime of nutrition, and if it is sudden, can comes to health problems such as stomach pain, irregular stools, fatigue, dizziness and headaches.
very important that you do not overeat during meals, but eat in moderation and you need these meals are staggered throughout the day. This means that you should eat 5 to 6 times per day or less. This is held constant blood sugar level, and is prevented by his sudden leap.
It is also important that your meals are variety, that is to enter the type of food. This includes ingestion of protein and carbohydrates. varied diet is achieved by rapid metabolism, which helps lose weight because it burns calories.
Pay attention to the fact that you eat slowly and to chew food well, because it will give you a feeling of fullness.
It would be desirable to always eat at the same time. Breakfast should be between 7 and 9 h.
Lunch between 13 and 15 ha dinner between 17 and 19 h .
Foods that are rich in fat and sugar, we need to replace foods that are not. For example, drink milk instead of whole milk with a small percentage of milk fat. A instead of sweetened fruit juice, drink juices or unsweetened tea. to Top whether you drink green tea because it is very good in the fight against excess weight. Instead of food-made of white sugar and white flour, take products made from whole grain. What you still need to replace the usual oil, olive oil is healthier.
menu you should make sure that you introduce cereal. For breakfast you can eat oats or mixed cereal with nonfat milk or yogurt. by you in your menu to import grain, you would enter your body in large amounts of fiber and calcium that are very important, and will not enter the fat as you would if you eat a baked product.
a snack you can eat any fruit in season, the best apple because it speeds up metabolism. Lunch should contain a light soup or soup, then meat or fish and beans, peas or beans with a slice of bread, the best integrated. In the evening you can eat a fruit salad or drink a cup of yogurt.
Forget that you get up and eat at night. It is strictly forbidden, because it easiest to get kilograms. also not You should not eat after 20 h.
It is essential that each day you drink enough fluids to prevent it from dehydration, which is dangerous for the organism. But do not drink water with your meal but 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after.
What is especially important is exercise. If you want to have a slender line should you do some physical activity. Take in some sport or just practice alone at home every day. This will contribute to weight maintenance, and you will be both healthy and what is most important.

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