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How to have a slim waist

How to have a slim waist.
Come to the small waist is a problem as 35% of world population

come to the small waist is a problem as 35% of the world. Equally to it, they want to reach both men and women. What prevents them is excess fat on the stomach. This means that you will come to the slender waist by removing or reducing the abdomen, which is precisely the central problem. to increased fat in the abdomen is due to the poor, namely unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.
Therefore, if you want a slim waist begin to exercise regularly. Spend at least 1 hour a day doing exercises aimed precisely at the waist and stomach area. This way you wear what you eat during the day, that will burn calories entered.
As for diet, try to reduce your menu just the food that is low in calories, and that contains low levels of fat and carbohydrates. advised to avoid potatoes, white rice and white bread because they are very rich in carbohydrates. Also cakes, cookies, chocolates, biscuits and snacks completely eliminate or at least minimize, for example, eat them only once a week. Forget the food that is high in fat, like pork or pork fat itself. Oil would also need to remember, and instead add the olive oil in a salad for example.
Alcohol completely remove from service because it is proven influence the creation of fat.
As we have stated that food should be avoided, we will now specify what must, that is. which is recommended. This is food that is high in fiber, like fruits and vegetables and whole grains. You can eat lean meats and poultry as well as turkey, and fish that are usually recommended in the diet because it is healthy. Foods rich in protein are not something you can not leave out, and drink milk and dairy products and eggs are allowed. course in all the above mentioned should not be exaggerated. Green tea helps to burning calories and therefore lose weight, so feel free to drink 2 to 3 times a day, but make sure it is unsweetened.
Although you want to get a thin waist to looked better, know that you will save time and your health. People who are fat have a higher risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes and various heart diseases, which can be fatal.
Note that you should lose weight gradually, which means about half a pound to a maximum of one kilogram per week. The body still needs to adjust to the changes.
What I still recommend it and to regularly measure the waist. It is measured above the navel, it ranges from 75 to over 100 According to some research has shown that with waist circumference over 94 cm have a risk for any health disease and men with a waist size over 102 have a very high risk of a health problem. In women, waist circumference not to mention there was a risk should be below 80 cm.
Despite your great desire to take off weight, the fat from the abdomen, and thus come to the slender waist, be careful when it comes to the diet and exercise. Do not get too exhausted, or starve yourself just because you worse. You will have vertigo, you will feel tired, isrpljeno, so you can not concentrate in any work or something similar., all because of a lack of energy supplied by food entering the body. would be best to pre all, consult your doctor who will surely give you any useful information and direct you as to what is best for you.

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