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How to reduce thighs

How to reduce thighs.
Some people have problem only with certain parts of the body

Some people have problem only with certain parts of the body. This can be for example buttocks that want to reduce, the stomach that is too large, or thigh.
What you should know is that there is no local slablenje or how to lose weight in only one part of the body. gradual weakening is everywhere.
To begin fix your diet. You should not eat or at least reduce foods high in sugars and fats. This food is a bunch of fat in the abdomen and other parts body. Do not eat pork because it is mostly fat. Instead you can eat other meats, such as chicken, beef, etc.. Lard is not recommended and the oil should be avoided when preparing food. Instead you can use olive oil . Pay attention to food that is rich in sugars such as desserts, such as cakes and pastries. You do not need them to give up completely but minimize their use.
The faster your metabolism, burn more calories, that is, melts fat from all parts of the body, including the region which is problematic, and to the thigh.
bazirajte addition to diet and sport. You need to be physically active to reduce your thighs. You can run or ride a bicycle would not be not bad to do some specific exercises for the lower body. Useful is also a fast walk.
A good exercise is the lunge. So step one foot forward, then drop to the ground with his foot bent at the knees, then return to normal standing position. To repeat the same with the other foot. hands while you may be erected behind the head or on the hips and upper body to hold a completely straight. You can work with the shuffle backwards.
good exercise for the thighs are the squats. You do regular squats or hair, which is done by one leg bent at the knee in the right side of the country, and then another.
climbing on the bench is another exercise that is recommended, and that acts on the lower part body. Klupica should be high for 20 to 30 cm. before me set the bench and go up to it by first climbing up one foot, then another, so i go back. With the bench can do another exercise, such as Youll only make a step forward with one foot on her knee and descend the opposite leg to the ground. This represents a step forward in the village.
We hope that you our advice and clarification exercises to help in what you want to achieve, or to reduce thighs because they are part of the body especially in summer can not hide, wear mini skirts or bikinis first thing one notices are the right thigh, so try your best to make them better.

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