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Exercises for the feet

Exercises for the feet.
Feet are one of the unjustified najzapostavljenjih ljduskog parts of the body by the approach of cold days

feet are one of the unjustified najzapostavljenjih ljduskog parts of the body by the approach of cold days. Until it is summer when wearing slippers and sandals, many people do not take care of your feet, not only aesthetically but also healthy. Why do not wait for summer to be paid attention to this part of the body, but begin to stretch in these cold days. After all, your feet are cold in winter selection of the poor circulation, and the following exercise will definitely improve blood circulation in the feet.
To try to practice foot to stand for the start of the fingertips. Then slowly with your fingertips to rely on the heels, toes and raise as much as he can, while not completely tighten the sole. This blood supply to your legs and also to work on toning and shaping to the feet and leaves . doing this exercise in three sets of five times.
When youre done with this series of alternate start to spread and collect your toes. This exercise may seem easy, but it is not, however, if you think that it is not easy enough just to increase . If the resistance by the fingers soaked rubber band or eraser. do this exercise in three series of ten times.
After this exercise you sit on the floor and stretch your legs and try to bend the fingers of this position until the heel is raised. When do to keep that pose for about five seconds of. Repeat this five times.
In these exercises, relaxation and excellent foot massage. One way to massage the soles of your feet is to put the ball in tennis or table tennis. ball should each leg to roll the minute, but if you have more time, then zanimajte up to five minutes.
These are simple exercises for the feet, which does not take much time and check their effects. certainly will eliminate fatigue and help building muscle tone and reduce cramping and pain.

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