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Exercises for abdominal muscles

Exercises for abdominal muscles.
If you want your abs shine, it is next to a good diet and doing exercises for abdominal muscles

If you want your abs shine, it is next to a good diet and doing exercises for abdominal muscles.
Here are three very effective exercises: Lie on your first
mat on the back. Both hands are with you and your palms on the mat. legs to lift and to direct them to the head, while the back remains on the mat. Then straighten your legs. Repeat in 8 occasions.
2 Lie on the mat. legs bend the knee . Put your hands on your chest. Move trunk chin up towards the knee. Repeat in 15 occasions.
3 Lie on your side. Bend the right knee in the corner. While you are both hands on the nape of the head, and standing torso. Repeat the 15 times.

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