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Wrestling Training

Wrestling Training.
Wrestling is a sport fight between two opponents in order to bring down an opponent using hand surgery, muscle strength without impact

Wrestling is a sport fight between two opponents in order to bring down an opponent using hand surgery, muscle strength without impact. One of the oldest forms of sport, a 708th The p. n. e. became part of the ancient Olympic Games.
Wrestling is divided by styles: Greco-Roman - restricted procedures under your belt -, free - procedures below the waist are allowed -. There are newer styles. Grappling - controlling an opponent with the use of transmitting capture. Wrestling on the beach - wrestling in an upright position in a circular area filled with sand, in order to throw the opponent on his back or folding. Sambo - wrestling style was established in Sovejtskom Union, uses elements from different countries and fighting styles. Japanese and American sumo Catch as catch can also prevalent styles of wrestling. For wrestling
necessary motor skills, strength and speed. Different weight classes provide the opportunity for everyone to try this sport. Wrestling develops articulation of movement, force of will, activates almost all the body muscles and strengthens them. The basis of the technique: attack, defense, counterattack, the combination. .
Training must start with good heat in the form of running, squats, sit ups, push-ups, combinations of the bridge, the stars, overshoot. After practicing the techniques and sampling with an opponent. Fitness training sessions are very important. Begin long-running 8-10. 000m. Then the sections of 4000-1000m. After shortening the 600-200m with 4-8 reps, and the 100-30m with 8-12 reps. Implemented and tests of strength. Devices that are used: weights, Gire, rubber dolls to throw, the treadmill.
Most techniques are fighting in the clinch, knot - Hammam -, drowning, rise up, overthrow, throw, grip around the neck and the other different ways of holding the opponent and so on. It is often the bath procedure where one of the contestants opponent manages to knock him back so that both shoulder blades touching the ground. Side toss - cipe - can be: the procedure entry without throwing the emphasis on your legs turn, the position of the hip, head and hands, or turn up to his knees and throwing, or enter grip, turn, toss in the air - at least 20mm thick foam - Favorite technique was and anabastasai eis hypsos - the hand grip and throw over your shoulder and akrocheirismos - snapping fingers.
Certainly today, the techniques and restrictions vary from style to style.

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