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How to improve combat reflexes?

How to improve combat reflexes?.
The human body has different reflexes such as eye blinks, or when you stand on the hand with the hot stove

The human body has different reflexes such as eye blinks, or when you stand on the hand with the hot stove. We can also train and create new reflexes by an action will be repeated several times until it becomes automated. While we constantly remind some stimulation brain synapses new reflexes are obtained. In order to develop these reflexes necessary training.
1 - Analyze the weaknesses of your defense in need of improvement. list the list of attacks and strokes to be concentrating on attacking and self-defense reflexes. Work on a reflex some time.
2 - Work in pairs with a coach or partner and ask him to slow the running attack. Note that you need to make moves to block the attack and which to avoid it. prevent an attack and then learn how to do a counter attack .
3 - At least 15 minutes to dedicate it to odbarnite than one type of attack. Ask partners to increase the speed of attack during training.
4 - Change samooodbrane tactic or method of attack. Start slowly and increase intensity as you progress. Give 15 minutes working on one specific attack.
5 - Continue this for four different attacks. Develop self-defense tactics for each of them. After 15 minutes, go to the next whole later procedure attacks and repeat twice. youll notice how your body will remember movements and react faster. Continue to practice until the actions are not automated.
6 - Change your sparring partners to speed up reflexes and myself used to respond to different styles of attack. Keep up the training plan to make the most of the time.
7 - Join in a martial arts club. Working with professionals is the best way to learn the counter-attack and speed up martial reflexes.

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