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Why Aerobics is good?

Why Aerobics is good?.
Use aerobic exercise to protect the heart are very well known

Crawling, indexing benefits aerobic exercise in the protection of the heart are well known. But exercise is not only beneficial for the heart and muscles. Regular exercise will:
• Strengthen your heart muscle and lungs, so that will make them work more : heart gets more blood on the attack - reduces heart rate and blood pressure -. Lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension - high blood pressure -.
• Increase levels of good HDL cholesterol, lower high triglycerides in the blood.
• To stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow in your body, thus helping to strengthen your immune system. Numerous studies show that people who exercise regularly are less prone to mild viral infections such as colds or flu. •
Reduce the risk of disease: Excess body weight is an aggravating factor in cases of: heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, diabetes and certain types of cancer. The risk of these diseases is reduced with weight loss. There are data that show that walking can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and the complications that accompany it. Exercises such as swimming and gymnastics in the pool can help people with arthritis. By improving glucose metabolism, exercise reduces insulin resistance and thus the risk of diabetes or better control the disease if it has already occurred.
• Extends life: Research conducted by Harvard University, published in New England Journal of Medicine in 1986, for the first time have shown that there is a scientific link between exercise and longer lifetime. Since then, other studies confirm this initial study.
• To help you to burn calories and reduce your body fat.
• Increase physical strength, so youll be less prone to injury.
• Improve the firmness and shape of your body.
• Improve your mental health - to raise your serotonin levels, stimulate your brain to release endorphins - the bodys natural painkiller - and so will you poraviti mood, increase vitality and relieve tension in stress or anxiety - exercise improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety -.
• Increases the maximum utilization of oxygen in the body.
• Reduce stress and help with insomnia.
• Increases the body resistance. might be during or immediately after exercise to feel tired, but looking at the long run, exercise increases the strength and sense of wellbeing and preventing fatigue.
• Increase overall stamina.
• Improves muscle health: Exercise stimulates the development of microscopic blood vessels that provide sufficient amount of oxygen in the muscles and removes metabolic waste from muscles such as lactic acid which causes pain and burning feeling in the muscles. This process can reduce the discomfort felt by those suffering from chronic muscle pain and back pain. Also, exercise can accelerate the treatment of cellulite.

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