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Read about sports - football, handball, basketball, skiing - and all kinds of recreation - swimming, walking, aerobics, plan of exercise and pilates benefits.


Aerobic calories

Aerobic calories.
Step aerobics

Step aerobics - Despite much as possible all the programs that have a certain choreography, step aerobics has held his popularity and broad application. Training is done on a bench step that can adapt to both beginners and those advanced exercisers. During the training, climbs up, down and walking step bench. format legs and buttocks, and even burn 430 calories.
Power Yoga - this activity positively affects the flexibility and suppleness of the body, and I also came to define the muscles. also enhances the sense of balance and achieved inner peace. This training is burning 180 calories.
aerobic program - with the dance choreography is very popular because in addition to entertainment, are very effective. during dance class izbubite about 454 calories.
Lift - is one of the classic aerobic programs, and train the endurance and strength. It is a practice with no choreography, especially when I use the code only, the bar and weights, of course, everything depends on the instructor to instructor. During this training you can izbubiti about 230 calories, heart rate reaches a value of 110 heartbeats per minute.
Pilates - This program strengthens back and abdominal muscles, increases agility and flexibility of the body as a body, a number of movements allows the creation of individual training intensity. With 92 heart beats per minute during the Pilates workout will lose about 210 calories. Tae Bo - when training will burn approximately 465 calories.
all know that swimming tightens and water aerobics to burn many calories, but there are other interesting activities related to water that can count as exercise.
Diving: 318 If you calories
letovati in a place known for its rich marine life, provide a mask and fins and spend more than 100 calories per hour underwater research.
kayaking: 318 calories
On most beaches you will be able to rent a kayak. While breathing in salty sea air and trying to figure out how to push to boat moving in the right direction, will burn the same number of calories as one of the devices in the gym.
skiing: 382 calories
Get out of the boat , stand in the skies and become a part of the action. little scary, but also a sense of fun while cutting the surface of the water and fight the wind will make you forget the fact that a significant number of calories you burn.

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