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Aerobics or gym?

Aerobics or gym?.
Often hear the division: the gym is the stronger sex, and aerobics for women

often hear the division: the gym is the stronger sex, and aerobics for women. But it is not at all true, for what you will choose depends entirely on you, your capabilities and needs. For beginners it is better to choose for individual training program that will get results because of the instructors will be more effective than exercise in the group that if you exercise more fun and easier to fall no more.
advantage of the gym is that it offers more features, and thus the load and intensity exercise in self-adjust according to your set objective. Your training will be complete if you practice on cardio machines, and this is another advantage over aerobics.
also not true that the aerobics you can enhance muscle mass, and the gym is not possible to remove the hernia, it is therefore just another misconception.
Again, on the other hand for the duration of aerobic programs are often used weights, pump sets and the like which allows to increase muscle mass, and leads to the formation of the body.
Ideally it would be to combine fitness and aerobics, as you will probably get the desired effects of what you expected. With the tightening of aerobics and body to dissolve fat, and applying a variety of devices figure and increase muscle mass. Please note, all depends on the length of aerobic training. If you want to lose weight quickly and it is advisable to tighten the spinning 3 to 4 times a week, but of course with correcting nutritional intake and recommended amounts of liquid water.
First of all, when you start practicing it is certainly the first task body to introduce the so-called safe zone exercise. What does it mean to be primarily for the kondiciranju kardovaskularnog and respiratory system of the body. Keep in mind what is stated in the decision for what will be decided.
important role in both types of training have exclusively planned program of exercise, nutrition, as well as qualified instructors primarily your own work as well as faith in yourself.

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