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Aerobics Tae Bo

Aerobics Tae Bo.
First of all we would like to introduce you to the meaning of words tae bo, translated in English of course:

First of all we want to introduce you to the meaning of words tae bo, translated in English of course:
T - totally
- conscious - mind and body alignment and movement performance conscious -
E - excellent - coordination, reflexes, eksplizvnost -
B - body - the entire body part -
- obedience
Tae bo is a distinctive form of exercise because it teaches people how to communicate with the geography in the body and how to establish body contact with the soul.
is recommended that you exercise on average three times a week for 30 minutes. most important thing is regularity, until you master the technique does not go further than to hold at the beginning.
long time very popular in the world, is now available to us. Includes performing hand and foot techniques of martial arts combined in jednostavnin choreographies which results in muscular tone of the entire body. I focus on the martial arts influence on the psyche, because after the training reaches a higher degree of confidence. It is designed for students of all levels of aerobic endurance and choreography are adapted to all practitioners.
Kick forward - initial and most basic exercise in the training process tae - bo-a. This is a paragraph from foot in the direction of the hip forward and full contraction of m. rectus femoris - the largest muscles of the lower part of the body . leg should be slightly bent at the knee and the heel should be made to resist an imaginary sack. movement can be performed in a pop-up rhythm - time you will be able to master and this movement -.
Such exercises strengthen the muscles of the legs and when you gain fitness maximum for such a blow in the complex or after exercise squats.
Kick to the side - an exercise which involved all four front leg muscles: rectus lateralis muscle and the the thigh and also to engage and m. gluteus maximus - the largest buttock muscle - and m. gluteus medius. It is performed by the the paragraph, in the direction of the hip, a stroke at full contraction of the muscles in the side of a fifth make a similar movement pushing imaginary objects. body should be slightly inclined to the opposite side of the knee were bent.
This movement should eventually run into pop-up form and should be included in more complex exercises.

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